Perimenopause - wie die Haut sich verändert

Perimenopause - how the skin changes

Aging is a precious gift accompanied by changes and new opportunities. Although around one billion women are expected to reach menopause in 2025, this topic remains a social ta...
Kivaa: Mit einer positiven Lebenseinstellung fühlen wir uns jung und vital! Banner

With a positive attitude to life we ​​feel young and vital!

A positive attitude to life can have a huge impact on our physical and mental well-being. Studies show that people with an optimistic attitude are more confident, more resilien...
Kivaa: Anti-Aging: 8 Tipps für natürliche Schönheit in jedem Alter Banner

Anti-aging: 8 tips for natural beauty at any age

Our very first blog post is about various measures we can take to slow down the skin aging process and ensure healthy and youthful skin. The skin is our largest organ and is exposed t...